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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Broadband upgrade

Broadband upgrade

I have just installed a new Broadband. Previously I had a Speedtouch connection. In spite of the name it was slow. It required a double click on the icon before obtaining a connection to Broadband. At only 2Mbps I was constantly frustrated with YouTube and having to wait for it to buffer and then music would be interupted whilst it buffered again and again.

The Thompson Broadband came with a new router. Once connected Broadband is ready before powering up the computer. Simply open up the browser and you can surf away to your heart's content. I am assured that I now get 16Mbps. I tested it straight away on YouTube and there was no delay for buffering, and no interuptions during play.

The new package Karoo Mid 2 is also £2.00 cheaper per month! My only gripe is why did Karoo charge me more for less for all this time?

So far, I am a happy bunny.

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