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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Limbs-in-loch killer William Beggs wins court plea in battle to have the vote

Limbs-in-loch killer William Beggs wins court plea in battle to have the vote

Exclusive by Craig Mcdonald, Daily Record, Aug 20 2011

EVIL William Beggs has won another day in court as he bids to have his name put on the voters' roll in the area where his victim lived.

A sheriff yesterday gave a green light to the limbs-in-the-loch monster's attempt to appeal against a decision to ban him from the electoral register.

Thousands more pounds of taxpayers' cash will now be spent funding the case.

Beggs, who is serving a 20-year minimum sentence for raping, murdering and dismembering 18-year-old Barry Wallace in 1999, appeared in court this week.

A legal insider told the Record that the psychotic Ulsterman had been "inspired" in his latest legal battle by the recent furore over prisoners' voting rights.

The source added: "Mr Beggs is back in court at taxpayers' expense once more.

"As usual, he has been sitting about in his prison cell thinking of ridiculous ways he can take the p*** out of the legal system and the Scottish taxpayer.

"He has come up with this technicality over the voters' roll and decided to use it to waste some more taxpayers' money and get a few day trips out of prison into the bargain."

Even though he "lives" in Glenochil prison in Clackmannanshire and has at least 10 years of a life sentence to serve, Beggs wants placed on the voters' roll for Kilmarnock, where he lived when he killed Barry.

In April, the UK Government lost their final appeal against an EU ruling requiring Britain to give prisoners the vote.

The authorities knocked back Beggs's voting bid on legal grounds but he launched a civil appeal against South Ayrshire Council.

On Wednesday, Beggs appeared at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court, where he represented himself before sheriff Seith Ireland,who continued the case until next month.

The killer has spent more than £1million of taxpayers' cash trying to get out of jail.

It's understood he is not receiving legal aid for his latest case, because he is representing himself. Only registered solicitors are entitled to legal aid.

However, the case will still cost the taxpayer thousands of pounds in legal and court expenses, as well as the cost of transporting Beggs to and from jail.

Last year, Beggs failed in a bid to have his conviction overturned after a nine-year legal battle paid for by legal aid.

In May, a further appeal for a cut in his 20-year minimum term was rejected.


Anonymous said...

I don't see how it is costing thousands of pounds of tax payers' money if he hasn't got legal aid. Oh silly me, the government are costing the tax payers millions of pounds by refusing to abide by the Strasbourg ruling and behaving like sulky children throwing our money in a vain battle that they have already lost! Typical, putting the blame the wrong way round.

Anonymous said...

It is costing thousands in taxpayers' money because this evil timewasting sadistic Tory twat is taking the piss out of the legal system and the taxpayer has to pay for transport, solicitors' fees to oppose him in court, and all the rest.

It's worth pointing out that Beggs used to be a leader of the Tory party students' group, the Federation of Conservative Students.

liz rain said...

why the hell have they moved him to SHOTTS is he not a danger to other prisoners.its a padded cell he shud be in,,,,and hes been allowed to waste all this taxpaying money,well that doesnt surprise me one bit....what is this united kingdom (joke) all about