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Monday, August 01, 2011

In defence of Anders Behring Breivik

In defence of Anders Behring Breivik

"Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely" (Lord Acton).

"well I'm a one man band
nobody knows nor understands
is there anybody out there wanna lend me a hand
with my one man band" (Leo Sayer/D. Courtney).

What follows are sections from Anders Behring Breivik's manifesto. He is a Walter Mitty character who crossed the divide between fantasy and reality, with tragic and fatal consequencies. The tragicomedy for Anders Behring Breivik being the invention of 9 comrades in arms, when the reality was that his ideas were just too extreme even for right wing extremists. The PCCTS was necessary for his legitimate authority, and under this authority he self appointed himself as The Justiciar Knight Commander. The power made him judge, jury and executioner.

Pauperes commilitones Christi Templique Solomonici (PCCTS), the Knights Templar

The PCCTS’s history is a journey of sacrifice, spanning almost a thousand years. Through it all, certain characteristics have remained consistent – strength and honour, courage and martyrdom. The current need for these principles has lead to the re-founding of this ancient Christian European military order.

Re-founding of Pauperes commilitones Christi Templique Solomonici – PCCTS, the Knights Templar

The European Military Order and Criminal Tribunal (the PCCTS - Knights Templar) was created by and for the free indigenous peoples of Europe. One of the primary purposes of the tribunal and order is to attempt/contribute to seize political and military control of Western European multiculturalist regimes and to try, judge and punish Western European cultural Marxist/multiculturalist perpetrators (category A, B and C traitors) for crimes committed against the indigenous peoples of Europe from 1955 until this day.

Pauperes commilitones Christi Templique Solomonici – PCCTS (the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon), the Knights Templar was re-founded in London in 2002 by representatives from eight European countries, for the purpose of serving the interests of the free indigenous peoples of Europe and to fight against the ongoing European Jihad (referred to as the “third Jihad”). The Knights Templar was re-founded as a pan-European nationalist military order and a military/criminal tribunal with two primary objectives. The order is to serve as an armed Indigenous Rights Organisation and as a Crusader Movement (anti-Jihad movement).

The founding session (two meetings consisting of 4 founding members and host as a security precaution) was held in London, United Kingdom – Apr, 2002.

The jurisdiction of the order and tribunal includes (but is not limited to) all Western European countries and the Balkans.

The European Military Order and Criminal Tribunal (the PCCTS - Knights Templar) have found all European category A, B and C traitors guilty of a series of crimes against Europeans (charges 1-8). All European category A and B traitors have been sentenced to death. Punishment is pending awaiting effectuation by Justiciar Knights.

Founding principles of the Order/Tribunal

The purpose of the order/tribunal, PCCTS, is to consolidate Europeans and create and develop a significant armed defensive force through “open source warfare”, by marketing the developed decentralised platform with self-organising features. This will be achieved by our continued efforts to call and request that all Europeans accept the duties which are expected from each and every free, patriotic individual. All free Europeans have a right and a duty to become “Justiciar Knights” for the order/tribunal with the purpose of:

• Oppose all hate-ideologies; communism (anti-individualistic), cultural Marxism/multiculturalism (anti-European), Islam (anti-kafr) and national socialism (anti-Jewish).

• 100 year plan to contribute to seize political power in Western European countries currently controlled by anti-nationalists (cultural Marxist/multiculturalist regimes). Bring freedom and cultural and demographical sustainability to all Europeans

• Serve and protect the indigenous peoples of Europe and all other loyal and patriotic European individuals

• Preserve European culture, traditions and heritage

• Stop the ongoing European cultural and demographical genocide facilitated by the cultural Marxists/multiculturalists, suicidal humanists, and capitalist globalist elites

• Prevent the deconstruction of Christendom in Europe

• Prevent further Islamic demographic warfare - disallow the Muslim invasion/colonisation of Europe

• Repulse Islam from Europe by the initiation of future deportation campaigns

• Effectuate punishment for Western European cultural Marxist/multiculturalist/globalist perpetrators for crimes committed against the indigenous peoples of Europe

• Oppose and defeat the Multiculturalist Alliance (MA 100) in Europe using any and all means necessary

• Support Israel’s fight against Jihad

• Liberation of the Middle East Christians from Islamic rule

• Virtues such as the willingness to martyr oneself for the cause, the exercise of discretion, voluntary poverty and devoted obedience to the principles are mandatory for all Justiciar Knights

• Honour the wishes and memories of our forefathers, who secured European security and prosperity in the past

• Follow the PCCTS’s mantra – “Martyrdom before Dhimmitude”.

PCCTS, the Knights Templar ranks – Phase 1

There are currently four different ranks military ranks and three different civilian ranks:

Justiciar Knight Commander or Justiciar Knight Operative; military cell commander or operative (solo or multi cell) of the PCCTS, Knights Templar

The rank "Commander" is generally applied to a person who is accountable for and holds authority over a group or the attempts of a group to achieve a common goal. The Justiciar Knight Commander rank is the highest rank (during phase 1) in the PCCTS, Knights Templar and is held by the cell leader. Other members of the cell go by the rank of Justiciar Knight Operatives. In a one man cell, the individual in charge carries the Commander rank. He may take command of and lead militant, non-KT patriots should the situation allow for it.

National Grand Master Knight Commander;
future military leader in phase 2/3

Pan-European Grand Master Knight Commander;
future international military leader in phase 2/3

Civillian ranks

Grand Master Overseer; non-military administrator for the PCCTS, Knights Templar (future rank)

Master Overseer; non-military leader under the authority of the Grand Master Overseer (future rank)

Overseer; non-military operative under the command of the Master Overseer

What is a “Justiciar Knight” and how do I attain the rank?

The European military order and tribunal; Commilitones Christi Templique Solomonici – PCCTS is represented by self appointed European judges known as ”Justiciar Knights” or “Knight Judges” (Latin: justiciarius=man of justice, judge -- Knight=Eques or Cavaliere in Old Italian, Chevalier in French, Ritter in German)”. Any self appointed Justiciar Knight has been given the authority, by PCCTS on behalf of;

1. The free indigenous peoples of Europe
2. Those Europeans not yet born
3. The legacy of our forefathers and fallen martyrs

- to act as a judge, jury and executioner until the free, indigenous peoples of Europe are no longer threatened by cultural genocide, subject to cultural Marxist/Islamic tyranny or territorial or existential threats through Islamic demographic warfare. It is therefore within any- and every-ones right to act in accordance with the given guidelines.

"One man with courage makes a majority" (Andrew Jackson).

To qualify to act as a ”Justiciar Knight” the individual has to pledge the Knights Templar oath by completing the “Initiation Rite” (see: The PCCTS, Knights Templar Oath – Initiation Rite) and swear to follow the principles of the PCCTS, to protect the interests of all free, indigenous Europeans, European cultures and Christendom in general through armed struggle. Choosing the path of the Justiciar Knight is to walk the path in pursuit of becoming “The Perfect Knight”. Any candidate prepared to walk this road must be willing to forfeit his materialistic ambitions and embrace voluntary poverty and martyrdom.

The Order and Tribunal has concluded that any and all Europeans have not just a right, but a duty to resist through political and military means; cultural Marxist/multiculturalist atrocities and crimes committed against the indigenous peoples of Europe. As such, any European Christian conservative can act as a Justiciar Knight. This includes Christian agnostics and Christian atheists. Although the PCCTS, Knights Templar is a pan-European indigenous rights movement we give all Europeans, regardless of skin colour, the opportunity to become a Justiciar Knight as long as the individual is either a Christian, Christian agnostic or a Christian atheist.

The European Military & Criminal Tribunal, PCCTS, request that any and all Justiciar Knights of Europe; identify and effectuate punishment for category A and B traitors - cultural Marxist/multiculturalist individuals for the violations specified and included in this document; charges 1 – 8.

These charges are directed at all category A and B traitors – individuals who planned, instigated, ordered, committed or otherwise aided and abetted in the planning, preparation or execution of a crime(s) referred to in the mentioned articles. All category A and B traitors shall be held individually responsible for the crime(s).

Any and all individuals who sympathise with the PCCTS principles and/or are affiliated with (but not limited to) the European Resistance Movements (patriotic liberalists or conservatives), nationalist movements of any category, Christian movements or any type of cultural conservative movement are encouraged to volunteer and appoint themselves as Justiciar Knights and fight under the banner of the PCCTS - the cross of the Martyrs.

By doing so, the individual(s) will avoid incriminating anyone in his environment or his or her old “organisation”. Normally, any individual who decides he want to choose the road of the PCCTS, a road of strength and honour, courage and martyrdom, should leave any other organisation for practical reasons (first and foremost in order to protect them). He will then spend a predefined time preparing himself mentally (this cannot be emphasised enough) as well as for planning the actual operation (planning, financing and eventually execution of the plan). This may take longer than 36 months depending on the nature of the assault.

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Anders Behring Breivik clearly identifies a problem, but his solution to that problem is itself problematic. Irrational fear leading to an irrational act.

He sees it differently...

"The compendium, - “2083 – A European Declaration of Independence” - documents through more than 1000 pages that the fear of Islamisation is all but irrational".

"This irrational fear of nationalistic doctrines is preventing us from stopping our own national/cultural suicide as the Islamic colonization is increasing annually. This book presents the only solutions to our current problems".

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Infamous said...

This is insane trite and what a terrible price the Norweigen young people paid. That fascist ought to be put in his place in the sewer, not analysed and ogled at, he relishes any attention of that sort, and those kids have been slewn thanks to a fascist. Why did the bbc make a specific point of interviewing the fascists here about fascism? It is so unbelievable disrespectful to those kids who were killed. Typical sensationalising from the mass media, they just don't care, those kids' bodies probably weren't even cold when they started to invite the fascists to speak, how utterly short in intellect and crazy is that?

Fascists and fascism should be stopped, not encouraged.

Power corrupts, oh yes, so many people like to use and recite that phrase, but the truth is that its powerlessness that corrupts absolutely.