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Monday, August 15, 2011

What is the Broken Society?

What is the Broken Society?

Tony Blair in 1995 asked us to look at “the wreckage of our broken society” and, using the now-familiar language of rights and responsibilities, called for a new civic society where everyone played a part. The phrase then really came into its own in the Conservative leadership campaign in 2005, first from Liam Fox and then with David Cameron taking up the term in his leadership acceptance speech. It is now strongly associated with Iain Duncan Smith’s work for the Centre for Social Justice and the Conservative’s Social Justice Policy Group, and the promise to “mend Britain’s broken society” became a dominant theme of the Conservative general election campaign.


Barnacle Bill said...

Broken society, zero tolerance, no ifs no buts; they're all political claptraps for "I haven't a clue ,,," but just let me get on with milking the system of as much as I can.
I beginning to see the attractions of a dictatorship, you want change at the top - it's only the cost of shooting the current incumbent's family.
Sorting this lot out will probably take more bullets than our Armed Forces have in total!

jailhouselawyer said...

BB: I hadn't got a clue myself and having read the brief explanation I still haven't. Therefore, it is very doubtful that Call me Dave is any the wiser.