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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Binge drinking scandal hits the Houses of Parliament

Binge drinking scandal hits the Houses of Parliament

MP Eric Joyce arrested over assault at House of Commons bar

Eric Joyce, the Labour MP for Falkirk, has been arrested after a fracas in a bar at the House of Commons, it is understood.

Eric Joyce MP arrested: fears over Parliament's drinking culture

The arrest of Labour MP Eric Joyce over an alleged assault in a House of Commons bar follows concerns over the culture of taxpayer-subsidised drinking in Parliament.

David Cameron vows to tackle binge drinking 'scandal'

Comment: It is time that minimum pricing was brought into Parliament to stop MPs and Lords from binge drinking. That is, put an end to the Taxpayers subsidy. Moreover, I don't see why the Palace of Westminister should not be required to have a licence to sell alcohol and spirits. If a club or pub constantly has bad behaviour they can lose their licence. The same should apply for MPs and Lords.

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