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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Rupert Murdoch, Milly Dowler's phone hacker, says...

Rupert Murdoch, Milly Dowler's phone hacker, says...

UK surrenders

Published: Today

YET again Europe's judges have overruled the right of British citizens to live in safety in favour of the rights of an al-Qaeda monster who wants us dead.

And yet again a British judge has pathetically followed suit.

Abu Qatada, a Bin Laden stooge and an inspiration for the 9/11 hijackers, poses exactly the same danger as he did before he was locked up.

His own lawyer spoke of the "grave risk" of him "reoffending".

But never mind that, he said, because Qatada had simply been inside long enough. The judge agreed.

Tight bail restrictions should keep us safe from him for a few weeks.

But Theresa May has only three months to persuade his homeland, Jordan, to take him back without breaching his human rights.

If she fails, Qatada, a magnet for every wannabe terrorist in Britain, will be back on our streets.

Unlike us, Europe's unelected judges will sleep soundly in their beds.

And evil Qatada will snigger at our humiliation and our weakness.

Comment: Yet again we have to put up with this disgusting phone hackers bile!

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