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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Onwards Islamist soldiers marching off to war

Onwards Islamist soldiers marching off to war

Terrorist on the school run: Bin Laden's 'ambassador in Europe' to be free in days... and judge says he can take his child to class

By Jack Doyle and James Slack, Daily Mail

Last updated at 9:24 AM on 7th February 2012

Abu Qatada, as I understand it, is an innocent man who has not been convicted of any terrorist related offences in the UK, and yet he has either been locked up in prison or subjected to house arrest in the UK for six and a half years! His barrister, Ed Fitzgerald QC, said "the six-and-a-half years Qatada had spent in immigration detention was the equivalent of a 13-year prison sentence".

In a so-called liberal democracy, it is perfectly natural for an innocent man to take his children to school. The Daily Mail is wrong to call an innocent man a terrorist and seek to demonise a preacher for his beliefs. It amounts to religious persecution of a man who was granted asylum in this country to escape this in his native Jordan.

The Nazi Jew Dominic Raab said "It makes a mockery of human rights law that a terrorist suspect deemed 'dangerous’ by our courts can’t be returned home because European judges don’t trust the Jordanian justice system. The shifting goalposts of human rights law are undermining public protection".

Obviously, it is the failed international lawyer, Dominic Raab, who moved the goalposts to beocome a MP, who is trying to make a mockery of human rights law. Article 6 of the ECHR guarantees a fair trial. What he is seeking to do is overturn the principle of innocent until proved guilty. A suspect remains a suspect until found guilty.

Let's face it, Abu Qatada is really no different from the Pope or the Archbishop of Canterbury. We are not seeking to jail them or deport them. Rather than guard against the likes of Abu Qatada we should guard ourselves against the likes of Dominic Raab who is more extremist.

More bunkum form the Nazi party aka the Tory party...

European judges’ ruling on Abu Qatada ' a threat to our national security’

The European Court of Human Rights is undermining Britain’s national security by giving terrorists such as Abu Qatada grounds to remain in this country, senior MPs have warned.

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