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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Loads of lolly just for a lolly!

Loads of lolly just for a lolly!

This afternoon at my local shop I mused that the drum containing Chupa Chups lollies indicated they are priced at 25p each. 5/- for a kids lolly! After a few double whiskys and colas, and joints, I wondered what the wholesale price was and what kind of markup the shop was charging.

These are Original Chupa Chups for the UK market supplied in a bulk box of 1200 lollies, not the fake imports sold by other companies! (works out at just 9p per lolly).

So, that's a 16p markup on a kiddies lolly! That's daylight robbery! In these economic times, perhaps we should be thinking of going back to 1960s prices?

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