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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A bit of a Spring clean...

A bit of a Spring clean...

I have been doing a bit of a Spring clean in my lounge. Last night I slept in my own bedroom instead of down in the lounge on a spare single bed. It will be recalled that I fell ill just after Christmas. Today I dismantled the spare bed and took it back upstairs into the study/bedroom. When I moved the cushions on the sofa to vacuum underneath I found the piece of dope I lost just after Christmas! I had put the sofa where the Christmas tree had been in front of the bay window. I swept up the pine needles that had fallen off the Christmas tree and they half filled a bucket! I will sprinkle them on the fire when I next light it, maybe Saturday as it is forecasted to be cold, and enjoy the smell of pine needles.


Eileen said...

You must be feeling better lugging that spare bed back upstairs.
It'll be nice to smell the Christmas smell in late February!
Is Rocky OK? Are you managing to take him for walks?

Take care.

jailhouselawyer said...

Hi Eileen

I am feeling a lot better thank you.

Its a hollow steel frame bed, and once I separate the head and foot it is easily carried upstairs.

Rocky is fine, and he's getting his 3 x 20 minute walks a day.

It was great last night not to have to fight Rocky for my share of the single bed...

The so-called single chair/bed I got from Argos I have put in the new bathroom (Rocky's old bedroom), so Rocky can again look out of the window above the front door in comfort.

Eileen said...

Wonderful news.
Glad that both you and Rocky are well.