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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Prisoner sex debate

Prisoner sex debate

Should prisoners have the right to have sex with their partners whilst serving time in jail? The Howard League for Penal Reform says it will spend two years looking at all elements of the issue, from consensual to coercive sex in jails.

But is it a good idea to introduce conjugal visits into our prison system? We'll be talking to John Hirst, a former prisoner who supports prisoners' rights to have sex; Toni Callan, whose partner is currently serving time in prison and who says she would also support it; and former Police Detective and Criminologist Mark Williams Thomas who disagrees, saying prison should mean punishment and conjugal visits could lead to pregnancies and more single parent families.

Video link.

It turns out that Mark William-Thomas was a bent copper...

The shady past of McCann supporter Mark William-Thomas

1 comment:

Eileen said...

I did watch and saw that 94% said no.
I felt for you when you said you were imprisoned at age 20 but looked 14... said it all!
My opinion is it could reduce prison rape but then I also think it could cause problems and would be unfair on single inmates.
Well done on your appearance John.