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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Tories to criminalise the unemployed

Tories to criminalise the unemployed

There are 47 unemployed people chasing each job vacancy in Hull. If one of them is successful then the other 46 are not.

It is not yet a criminal offence to be unemployed, therefore it is not helpful to stigmatise the unemployed by calling them lazy.

Under the criminal law there is a 3 strikes and you're out policy. It is not helpful to transfer such a policy to jobseekers.

The very fact that the government is stating that it will sanction the unemployed by stopping their benefits for 3 years, is an admission that some will be long-term unemployed for 3 years or more. These should be pitied and not fined.

Taking away the means of survival will only lead to those being forced to steal or starve to death.

Ian Duncan Smith states: "We need a sanctions regime that is clear and robust". This from a government which has ignored the ECtHR on prisoners votes because there is a lack of sanctions!

Lazy jobseekers to lose benefits for up to three years 

Unemployed people who do not try hard enough to find a job could lose their benefits for three years.

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