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Saturday, July 07, 2012

Why our society is very uncivilised

Why our society is very uncivilised

UK PAYE  Salary Wage Income Tax Calculator 2012

Wage summary                              yearly     monthly     weekly 
Gross Pay                                        £0.00        £0.00        £0.00 
Tax free Allowances                 £7,475.00    £622.92    £143.75 
Total taxable                                    £0.00        £0.00        £0.00 
Tax due                                            £0.00        £0.00        £0.00 
National Insurance                          £0.00        £0.00        £0.00 
Total Deductions                             £0.00        £0.00        £0.00 
Net Wage                                        £0.00        £0.00        £0.00 
Employers NI                                 £0.00        £0.00        £0.00

Given that Joe Public can earn £143.75 per week without becoming liable for tax, how is it just and fair that prisoners who earn over £20 per week are subjected to a 40% tax regime?

Recently an incompetent QC attempted to challenge this system before a corrupt judge.

The judge deferred to Parliament.

I would contend that a competent barrister before a judge who is not corrupt should have obtained a judgment which succeeded rather than failed.

As we know, in spite of Hirst v UK (No2) convicted prisoners are still denied their human right to vote. In this case, there is a reference criticising showing deference to Parliament.

Then there is the principle of no taxation without representation.

Convicted prisoners not only suffer the breach of the human right to vote, but also suffer the burden of an excessively high tax regime. Parliament is guilty of victimising a minority and vulnerable group in society.

The case of the civil servant earning £140,000 but paying only 21 per cent tax has highlighted a growing trend of high-level tax avoidance in the UK.

Recently George Osborne wanted to lower the high rate of 50% tax to 40% tax but bottled out and announced a 5% reduction to 45% tax rate.

The highest wage earners in the country only pay a 5% higher tax rate than the lowest wage earners who happen to be convicted prisoners.

Winston Churchill has said that we can judge how civilised society is by how it treats prisoners. On this measure our society is very uncivilised.

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