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Thursday, May 27, 2010

David Miliband's criminal record

David Miliband's criminal record

What David Miliband said in his Forward and Introduction to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Annual Report on Human Rights (2009) published in March 2010:

“When we talk about human rights we talk about a body of law, but we also talk about the inherent sense that we are entitled to certain freedoms and protections…But some governments are increasingly retreating to a defensive and isolationist view of human rights…We must not be afraid to engage in debates about human rights. But we must also remain committed to championing those rights around the world and to assert their applicability to every man, woman and child”.

“The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and the UN Charter make the human rights situation in any country the valid concern of all states. No country has a perfect human rights record, although states fall short of that goal to widely varying degrees”.

“…it is not possible for the UK to address every human rights concern in every country”.

“We must keep banging the human rights drum until they are genuinely universal and no longer under threat. We have some way to go”.

“We must continue to support people who demand their human rights across the world. And we must uphold human rights to the highest standards at home in the UK”.

Nowhere in the Report does David Miliband address the UK human rights violations, some of which he actually supported or was responsible for whilst he was in Office.

This Amnesty Report covering the same period highlights some of the human rights abuses laid at David Miliband's door.

What a shame that Amenesty failed to report upon the 75,000 convicted prisoners in the UK denied their human right to vote. Once again David Miliband played a leading role in these abuses as Foreign Secretary, because he represented the UK before the Council of Europe.

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