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Friday, May 21, 2010

Exclusive: EU to block Cameron veto on Eurozone

Exclusive: EU to block Cameron veto on Eurozone

The Daily Telegraph reports...

David Cameron ready to veto German EU treaty plan

David Cameron has signalled that he would be ready to veto any attempt to create a new EU treaty to shore up the ailing eurozone.

Europe is a long way from the playing fields of Eton. David Cameron is free to take his ball home. It's a different game in Europe with it's own set of rules, own ball and own referee.

The UK ratified the Lisbon Treaty, including Protocol 14. The EU acceded to the Convention. Protocol 14 permits Rule 11 infringement proceedings to commence. Once a Member State reaches the 5 year stage of persistent non-compliance with the Convention and ECtHR decision (Hirst v UK(No2)), stronger sanctions may be applied. For example, suspending its voting rights within the Committee of Ministers, Council of Europe, and European Union.

Therefore, Cameron only has a veto if the UK plays ball with the CoM and EU. On 1 June 2010, it will be decided in Europe what sanctions to apply to the UK. It may only be removing the vote and playing a leading part in Europe, or could go as far as suspension and expulsion from the Council of Europe and European Union.

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