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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Queen's speech: Iain Dale supports torture

Queen's speech: Iain Dale supports torture

Tweet by Iain Dale: "If Nigel Farage was Prime Minister I bet he'd have him out".... My partner on, well, you can guess. 33 minutes ago

What About OUR Human Right Not to be Blown Up?

Iain Dale 7:27 PM

I suppose no one should be at all surprised that we now have human rights laws which allow proven Al Qaeda operatives to escape deportation. Apparently we can't send him back to Pakistan because ministers hadn't received adequate assurances from the Pakistani government about how they would be treated of they were sent back.

Er, and why exactly should we care about people who whose sole reason existence is to find ways of blowing us up? When it comes to human rights, perhaps we need to start caring about the human right of our fellow countrymen to avoid being blown up by Al Qaeda bombers, rather than the rights of the bombers themselves.

Home Secretary Theresa May calls the decision "disappointing". I'd call it bloody terrifying. These two people, who the judge deems a threat to our national security, are now being released onto the streets.

I helped elect a new government to pass laws to stop this sort of thing happening. I don't want to hear from ministers that it is "disappointing". I want to hear what they intend to do about it.

I don't know if the Odd couple, Iain Dale and partner John Sissons, get their jollies from the thought of human beings being tortured? It sounds like he is an inflatable doll on strike demanding not to be blown up. I hope non of the media give him any airtime on this subject because he has not got a clue what he is spouting off about. Human rights are not a balancing act. Human rights law is aligned vertically, not horizontally. The issue here is that it would be unlawful under s.6 of the HRA to deport someone to a country which may subject that person to torture. Ian Dale and his partner should be totally ashamed of themselves!

'Al-Qaeda ringleader' wins appeal against deportation

The alleged leader of an al-Qaeda plot to bomb targets in north-west England has won his appeal against deportation.


James Higham said...

This issue shows the extent to which human rights law has been hijacked and used as a political tool to defend the indefensible. Of course he should be deported, if found guilty.

In a similar way, the Canadian HRC has gone the same way - hijacked by political elements who've been caught out too often defending those who should be had up for what they've done.

End of story, free of any other considerations. If not guilty then that's another matter. This man was not a one off criminal - he was a serial crim and it's not the job of the government to protect a threat to us - it's the govt's job to get rid of the menace.

While I have no time for the govt labelling anyone who disagrees with it a crim, not all cases are equivalent. This one certainly is not.

Dinah Bee Menil said...

i like it, its seems helpfule for law students