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Monday, May 24, 2010

WTF: 'Doctors and nurses' is now a crime!

WTF: 'Doctors and nurses' is now a crime!

Two boys become youngest convicted of attempted rape

Two boys aged 10 and 11 have been found guilty of the attempted rape of an eight-year-old girl, becoming the youngest ever convicted of the offence.

"The case has raised questions over the treatment of children in the court system".

"Sadly, we still have a way to go to make sure courts work in the best way for children - both defendants and witnesses - who will be frightened and need support all the way through the judicial process if they are going to give their best evidence."

Instead of adapting the courts for children, children should not be put through the CJS!

Was this really attempted rape – or children playing?

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Anonymous said...

The fact that the CPS chose to prosecute at all sickens me. The fact that the judge did not throw the case out once the child in question admitted to lying mystifies me. Children should not be put through an adversarial court system designed for adults - it becomes an uncivilised spectacle.

Even some of the jurors on the Bulger case years ago now admit they regret the whole thing and feel they were there at what was essentially a show trial. Only present to rubber stamp a verdict.

The age of criminal responsibility needs to be raised as a matter of urgency.