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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Belgian jail tells barrister 'babes' to remove their bras

Belgian jail tells barrister 'babes' to remove their bras

Angry female lawyers have complained that bored Belgian prison guards are forcing them to remove their bras by pretending that metal wiring and clasps in their underwear is setting off security scanners.

Guards at Hasselt jail insist that the metal detectors used for their security checks on all visitors are so sensitive that even bras can set the scanners beeping.

Joseph Rowies, a representative of criminal barristers in the Flemish city, stressed that while women lawyers have no problem with the security checks they had spotted that the prettier the visitor, the more sensitive the scanner became.

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Barnacle Bill said...

Makes you wonder what they would do if they had any "body" jewellery as well?

I did think of blogging this item but after all mine's a family blog!