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Monday, September 13, 2010

William Hague embroiled in another scandal!

William Hague embroiled in another scandal!

Whilst the blogosphere and MSM focus on this story...

William Hague paid for Christopher Myers to join him on Bosnia trip

William Hague has admitted paying for Christopher Myers to accompany him on a trip to Bosnia Herzegovenia nearly a year before he gave him a formal job, The Daily Telegraph can disclose.

They are missing the real scandal involving William Hague...

European Court of Human Rights´ judgments: 3rd Council of Europe Committee of Ministers meeting to supervise execution

Strasbourg, 10.09.2010 – From 14th to 15th September the Council of Europe Committee of Ministers will hold its third 2010 “human rights” meeting, in which it will supervise the execution of judgments of the European Court of Human Rights.

One case on the agenda is Hirst v UK (No2), the Prisoners Votes Case, and the UK has failed to honour its obligations to the Convention for 5 years. William Hague has gone on record stating that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has put human rights at the forefront of its foreign policy. This would be laudible if our own human rights record was something to be proud about. As it is, Baroness Butler-Sloss has described the UK's failure to address the issue of convicted prisoners human right to vote as a national disgrace.

All those who have got their heads stuck in the sand on this one should have their arses kicked! It is time to face being shamed as a rogue state...

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