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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tony Bliar and Billy Liar on their wrongs and human rights

Tony Bliar and Billy Liar on their wrongs and human rights

Preface by the Prime Minister

The Government is pledged to modernise British politics. We are committed to a comprehensive programme of constitutional reform. We believe it is right to increase individual rights, to decentralise power, to open up government and to reform Parliament.

The elements are well known:

* a Scottish Parliament and a Welsh Assembly giving the people of Scotland and Wales more control over their own affairs within the United Kingdom;
* new rights, based on bringing the European Convention on Human Rights into United Kingdom law;
* an elected Mayor and new strategic authority for London with more accountability in the regions of England;
* freedom of information;
* a referendum on the voting system for the House of Commons; and
* reform of the House of Lords.

This White Paper explains the proposals contained in the Human Rights Bill which we are introducing into Parliament. The Bill marks a major step forward in the achievement of our programme of reform. It will give people in the United Kingdom opportunities to enforce their rights under the European Convention in British courts rather than having to incur the cost and delay of taking a case to the European Human Rights Commission and Court in Strasbourg. It will enhance the awareness of human rights in our society. And it stands alongside our decision to put the promotion of human rights at the forefront of our foreign policy.

I warmly commend these proposals to Parliament and to the people of this country.


Britain’s Foreign Policy in a Networked World

01 July 2010
The Foreign Secretary, William Hague, gave the following speech outlining the Government's vision for UK foreign policy on 1 July 2010.
Speaker: The Foreign Secretary William Hague
Location: The Locarno Room, The Foreign and Commonwealth Office, London.

"Our foreign policy should always have consistent support for human rights and poverty reduction at its irreducible core and we should always strive to act with moral authority, recognising that once that is damaged it is hard to restore".

Tony Bliar and Billy Liar. It is intended to subject them as to what they have both said, and compare and contrast this with the reality by applying the Hirst test.

(More to follow)

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