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Monday, September 27, 2010

Millions paid in compensation to migrants locked up in UK

Millions paid in compensation to migrants locked up in UK

Lawyer warns of 'epidemic of mistreatment' in the asylum system leading to civil claims

Millions of pounds in compensation is being paid to migrants who have been traumatised after being locked up in detention centres across the UK, the Guardian has learned.

Government figures show £12m in "special payments" – including compensation – for 2009/10 and a further £3m the year before.

The Home Office said it did not record the proportion of special payments made in compensation, but officials accepted that the figure over the past three years ran to millions of pounds.

Lawyers who are acting for detainees said there was an "epidemic of mistreatment" in the asylum system.

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Anonymous said...

I was saying ages ago it's wrong to lock up people for seeking a better life, labour was the party of the open door immigration so long as you were rich enough. But locking children up has been a black mark on New labour or Labour.

I walked away from the party after a life time. The fact is New labour was in fact a bit of every party that was how Blair won he was Labour, Tory, BNP.

The one thing they never were was socialist