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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Animal pictures of the week: 28 January 2011

Animal pictures of the week: 28 January 2011

Telegraph reader Pat Dean sent us this picture of a great white heron in Nottinghamshire, saying: "There are many lakes around Hoveringham due to gravel extraction and we get plenty of rare birds visiting, but this great white egret, which normally lives in very much warmer climes, has lived here all winter and is a spectacularly gorgeous rarity, hanging out with our flock of little egrets and herons. It seems happy to stand in the freezing streams, shuffling its feet to disturb fish and amphibians." If you have a photo you'd like us to feature in a picture gallery, email it to
Picture: PAT DEAN
Chinese photographer Li Gang (62) from Henan Province has spent the last three winters in the frozen wastes of Mongolia photographing the famous wild horses in freezing temperatures of -30 degrees
Picture: Li Gang / BNPS
A family dog faces off against a fox in Lisiki, Russia. Maxim Kurguzov, aged 10, was playing outside when the fox crossed a frozen lake and set upon the family's chickens - killing one before turning on the boy. Shrek, the family's dog, gallantly leapt to Maxim's rescue, fending off the intruder with a series of bites to the head. Dad Alexey, a professional photographer, ran outside to grab his son before picking up his camera and snapping the stand off, which lasted 25 minutes. Picture: Alexey Kurguzov / CATERS NEWS

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