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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Sick as a…PM

Sick as a…PM

From Daniel Morgan – HMP Usk

I have been watching Prime Minister David Cameron on the news lately and during his trip to China he spoke about human rights abuses there. Then earlier this week he spoke about the human rights abuses committed by Burma. I found it refreshing that our Prime Minister should take an interest in the human rights of people who live thousands of miles away. However, I can’t help thinking that somewhere along the line he has missed, or even forgotten, an important point. The point being the human rights abuses committed daily in our country.

This country still hands out the IPP sentence, a sentence deemed inhumane under the European Convention on Human Rights, we also still run the Sex Offenders Register which has also been deemed inhumane.

And if giving the vote to prisoners ‘sickens’ David Cameron I would (if it’s needed) urge prisoners not to vote for the Conservative Party so as to lessen the burden.

Source: Inside Time

Comment: Could David Cameron be a dead parrot?

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