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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Like father, like son and like mother

Like father, like son and like mother

Son of Tory MP Brian Binley jailed

The son of a Conservative MP Brian Binley has been jailed and his wife has narrowly avoided imprisonment after they concocted a string of lies to cover up a drink driving offence.

Tory MP Brian Binley fiddled or false accounted for £57,000 and was only ordered to repay £1,500!

Expenses fiddling bastard!

"Brian Binley, who has been Conservative MP for Northampton South since 2005, was not present at the hearing.

He came under fire in 2009 after it emerged he illegally claimed £57,000 in expenses by renting a £1,500 a month flat from his own company.

However, despite the Committee on Standards and Privileges finding he had breached parliament rules he was ordered to pay back just £1,500 in January last year

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Charles Cowling said...

Why is Brian Binley laughing?

jailhouselawyer said...

Charles: Wouldn't you be laughing if you nicked £57,000 and only told to pay back £1,500? Obviously, crime pays for some!