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Friday, January 07, 2011

LabourList served with a cease and desist notice

LabourList served with a cease and desist notice


I am writing to ask that you remove the following inaccurate passage from your site...

"the judgement handed down by the European Court of Human Rights denies anyone serving longer than four years in prison the vote, and gives judges the discretion over denying the vote to those serving less than four years".

The truth is that my judgment Hirst v UK (No2) states no such thing. The coalition proposals include the ideas that only those convicted prisoners serving under 4 years will be allowed to vote, and giving judges the discretion to remove the vote in other cases.

These proposals do not, in my view, fully comply with my case. Nor do I believe that the Committee of Ministers, of the Council of Europe, charged with the supervision of the execution of the Court's judgment be satisfied with the proposals either. This remains to be seen in February when the CoM next meets to assess whether the UK is fully complying with my case.

The Council of Europe has confirmed to me, via email, that I am the owner of Hirst v UK (No2). As such, I demand that you do not trespass on my property with such a blatant lie. I am happy for you enter my property providing that you do not damage it with lies.

I attach a copy of my case so that you can see for yourself that your statement is factually inaccurate. I seek that you alter the said post and amend it to reflect the true position. I do not demand an online apology, however, it may be fitting in the circumstances.

Yours sincerely

John Hirst


I received the following email from LabourList

This article has been amended - please see the update here:


Charles Cowling said...

Nice work

jailhouselawyer said...

Charles: Thanks. As usual you are very supportive. Now for the MPs and MainStreamMedia who are also peddling lies.