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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Truly, British injustice is the best in the world!

Truly, British injustice is the best in the world!

I have reported on the national disgrace of imprisoning asylum seekers and those waiting deportation. The Sunday Telegraph is reporting Killer of Gurkha's son wins right to stay in Britain. And, the Observer is reporting Yarl's Wood mother jailed without charge for a year to 'silence' her. In the first case I am left wondering why the manslaughter attracted such a lenient sentence, and given that it was successfully argued that it would be a breach of the young man's human right to family life to be wrenched from living with his parents and deported I fail to see how it can be justified to deport in the second case.

"McNeil, who has lived in the UK for more than 10 years, was arrested in September 2008 for possession of cannabis for personal use. She served a six-month prison sentence and was detained in Yarl's Wood upon her release in January 2009. It is now more than two years since she was able to care for her son".

On the one scale we have convicted of manslaughter and living with parents weighing more than on the other scale, a mother of children, the youngest 10 years of age and a British national, and only convicted of possession of cannabis for personal use and yet the State demands she be deported!



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Inaccurate human rights reporting will not help either side of the debate

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