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Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Queen of Windsor, Elton John, is not amused!

The Queen of Windsor, Elton John, is not amused!

The homosexual pop singer, Elton John, who does not agree with victimisation of gays, is quite happy to victimise, another vulnerable group in society, gypsies because their proposed camp will spoil his view!

"We are not amused" claims Elton John and his civil partner David Furnish. Because the odd couple cannot naturally have a child, they recently adopted a baby boy.

Anonymous NIMBYs who claim that all gypsies are thieves, are also complaining about the proposed plans for the gypsy camp and state that whilst the gypsies should have somewhere to live they do not wish to see them living in their neighbourhood.

Personally, I would prefer the company of gypsies than a pair of paedophiles.

The Sunday Telegraph's take on the story here...

Sir Elton John, his wealthy neighbours and the fight to keep gipsies out of their village

The wealthy residents of the quiet village of Old Windsor in the grounds of Windsor Castle are up in arms over plans to open a gipsy and traveller camp near their homes amid fears of reprisals if they object.

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