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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Brooke Kinsella is a stupid cunt!

Brooke Kinsella is a stupid cunt!

Prison treated like a holiday camp, warns Kinsella

Ex-EastEnders actress Brooke Kinsella whose brother was stabbed to death says prisons should be tougher. What makes her an expert on punishment? She wouldn't be biased would she by any chance? Hurting at her brothers death and wanting to lash out at every Tom, Dick and Harry criminal who ends up inside? It was crazy giving her the job of writing a report. She is unbalanced. What she says should be ignored as the insane ramblings of a mad woman.


Anonymous said...

You're a sick killer, personally I think you should have hung, instead our limp wristed liberal ruling elite decided that you needed another chance. Despite being clearly mental.

In an ideal world someone will break into your house and hack you to death, it is the least you deserve.

Brooke Kinsella is a decent human being, meaning no matter what she talks about, she'll always be a million times more worthwhile listening to than anything you have to say, other than perhaps you saying 'please no....don't kill me....'

jailhouselawyer said...


Anonymous said...

Typical reply from a sicko like you. You must get great pleasure in bullying with your foul mouth, a young girl who has lost her brother to one of your kind. The only people who disagree with her are your friends inside. Makes you wonder who the cunt is. KP Rochdale

Anonymous said...

Oh dear where's my post gone? Misogynist as well are we?
Hurhurhurhurhur. Vulnerable member of society my arse.:)))))))

Love from Big Harry (will this one stay on?)

Anonymous said...

This blog of yours proves that you are an odious indivdual. You claim in your biography to be some sort of victim of the system and that you have rehabilitated yourself. These words are extremely hollow, you should be ashamed. However I doubt that you are. Disgusting.