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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Dear Daily Mail Comment

Dear Daily Mail Comment


You say...

"Let the fightback for democracy start here".

I started the fightback for democracy back in 1989. I am glad that you are now belatedly, like the Yanks did in World War 2, joining me in my campaign now that it is almost over.

You say...

"Next week’s free vote could see the start of a fightback for common sense".

Isn't the issue the captive vote? The captive audience will watch this supporting act, to pass time, whilst waiting for the main event to be staged in Strasbourg. I am all for seeing common sense prevail, at last, in my case, however, don't hold your breath if you are expecting to get common sense from The Three Stooges, Jack Straw, David Davis and Dominic Raab.

You say...

"The bigger the Commons majority against votes for prisoners, the stronger Mr Cameron’s hand will be when he goes back to Strasbourg and demands that, in clashes between Parliament and the ECHR, democracy must come first".

What a pity that common sense was not applied when writing this Comment. Whatever the outcome in the Commons, it will not change the ECtHR's decision, already made, which is final. Mr Cameron has to try and beat a Straight flush with a High card! He is not in a position to bluff or demand anything. The clash between Parliament and me happened over 5 yeas ago, when I challenged s.3 of ROPA 1983 with Article 3 of the First Protocol and the referee, the ECtHR, decided I had won and that Human Rights must come first, Democracy second, and Rule of Law third.

Don't shoot the messenger. I hope you are not too hacked off.

Have a nice day.

Kind regards

John Hirst (Jailhouselawyer)


Anonymous said...

The Daily Mail sound so arrogant and morally self-satisfied, they speak as if every word that drips from their lips is Holy Gospel.

They suffer from an inability to cross-examine their own views. They allow saccharine emotion to displace logic.

Anonymous said...

People who commit 'LOL' to paper or screen, even just the once, openly display their lack of intelligence.