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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Labour revolt on prisoners

Labour revolt on prisoners

Nicholas Cecil, Chief Political Correspondent

8 Feb 2011

Labour frontbenchers were today threatening to revolt if they cannot back a move to keep the ban on prisoners voting.

Ed Milliband's shadow cabinet will abstain from the vote on Thursday, but several frontbenchers are determined to support Jack Straw and Tory David Davis in seeking to maintain the ban.

Mr Straw has denied having a row with Lord Prescott at a meeting of the parliamentary party last night. He said they had just expressed different opinions on the issue.

Former deputy prime minister Lord Prescott warned against defying a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights on prisoner voting.

Meanwhile, John Hirst, the killer who led the campaign for prisoners to get the vote, sparked fury by boasting on Tory Radio that he had taken MPs as "hostages".

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