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Thursday, February 10, 2011

MP Anne Main has eventually noticed the elephant in the room!

MP Anne Main has eventually noticed the elephant in the room!

During The Three Stooges (David Davis, Jack Straw and Dominic Raab) Debate on prisoners votes today in the Commons, Anne Main MP saw the bleeding obvious which I pointed out ages ago!

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Jan said...

Excellent picture, It totally embodies the presence of the situation. The person who photoshopped that should be given an award!

On a more serious note, I have just seen the local ITV 'Colander News' report where they used the well known tactic of 'distraction reporting', in which the main issue of the report is sidelined by a completely separate incident to take the focus of of the issue in question away from the main point, by attempting to interest the weak-minded viewer into a 'rabid dog' cul-de-sac.

I, for one am not taken in by this scummy method of reporting. YOU should take a lesson from politicians by using THEIR own tactic of answering such questions with a tactical dodge i.e. answer their question with ANOTHER question. I was enraged when that Colander News?? 'hack' used that same tactic against you. I would have expected that from the BBC but not them. I know its difficult to maintain composure when some arsehole 'hack' with a medical condition in a £60 suit and a moustache does this but on this issue I am right behind you. I take your side on the newspaper comments pages because I believe in human rights and this issue is just the tip of the iceberg. (The Icebergs are a nice family, maybe Jewish but I have nothing against the yids)

The MSM are very good at 'bending the truth to suit the means' and I feel that this is the situation here. I wonder how many favours are being demanded by politicians wanting to get this point accepted here? Lets not forget that a lot of politicians and bosses in the media went to the same public school.

BUT I digress. The main issue here is that, if prisoners are potentially going to get a vote, just how many of those WILL VOTE CONSERVATIVE? ?????????? If YOU were a political party in power and you had the same choice, would you allow anybody to possibly take away any chance of you getting back in at the next election?

I rest my case, M'lud.

Yours truly
Jan aka Ron Knee.