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Friday, February 04, 2011

Wish upon a falling Tory Star

Wish upon a falling Tory Star

"Rising Tory star Dominic Raab, MP for Esher and Walton, insisted that the European court did not have the power to order Britain to give the vote to prisoners".

"Mr Raab wrote: “It is time Britain drew a line in the sand. We can pay due deference to the European Court of Human Rights by having the Parliamentary debate it called for. But if Parliament then votes to maintain the current ban and MPs have been given a free vote Strasbourg will have to respect it”".

Comment: The writing is on his forehead. Perhaps, he should be a Wandering Star? Time for him to wander anywhere but the corridors of power. Raab has got his head buried in the sand as though he is representing those in the Ostrich constituency. The ECtHR did not call for any Parliamentary debate. Rather, the UK was found guilty of not previously debating the issue of whether convicted prisoners should be disenfranchised. Therefore, the ECtHR decided the issue for the UK by answering the question in the affirmative. The UK is not showing deference to the ECtHR by showing the Court contempt for its decision, which the UK is required by law to implement. As a barrister Raab is aware of this or he should not be a barrister, and as a politician he should be aware of this otherwise he is not fit for purpose. The Court nor the Council of Europe nor the Committee of Ministers will be impressed with this latest stalling stunt from the UK. A debate where the question beforehand is no, and stays no at the end is not a debate at all but a sham!

What is worrying is that before the election the Tories had a big hole in their foreign policy, and now we know why because they have a big hole in their knowledge outside of the Westminster Bubble. Pity everybody North of Watford...

Perhaps, the BBC should reintroduce Shooting Stars? Raab is a prime target.


Tim said...

I'm shocked that he is a barrister, I find it impossible to reconcile his wishful thinking with the law.

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