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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dream School or nightmare?

Dream School or nightmare?

It's not every day one gets to kiss Cherie Booth, QC, aka Cherie Blair, on the cheek. Her dream came true in the "Dream School".

It's a project of Jamie Oliver's. Take over an old closed school, fill it with 16-18 year olds who were deemed to be disruptive in class. I didn't know what I was letting myself in for, in spite of the contract stating "You have explained the nature of the above Programme to me, and I am happy to participate"! Cherie's voice was hoarse and her mike was fitted with an amplfier to make herself heard over those talking and arguing. Her plan was whoever wore or held her wig had the right to be heard in silence. It reminded me of the conch in the film Lord of the Flies.

My understanding was that there was supposed to be a debate, so beforehand I asked Cherie about what format it would take and she said it would be loose. Michael Heaver and I were to get about 2 minutes each to introduce ourselves and make our main points, then it was the plan to throw it open to the floor for questions and opinions. Bedlam. A Nightmare on Film Street!

Some of those involved in the "Dream School" project...

Jamie Oliver

Historian Dr David Starkey

Robert Winston

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