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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The wannabe terrorist: All talk and no action

The wannabe terrorist: All talk and no action

Al-Qaeda 'most wanted' plotting attacks on Britain

One of the world’s most wanted terrorists is plotting to send operatives to Britain to launch attacks, it can be disclosed as an airline worker involved in his plans was found guilty of planning explosions.

Rajib Karim moved to Britain in 2006 Photo: NICK RAZZELL/PA

"Rajib Karim, who worked for British Airways, tried to use a cabin crew strike to get a job on a plane in order to launch a terrorist attack on a flight to the US.

MI5 discovered his plans after investigating the British links of Anwar al-Awlaki, the al-Qaeda leader behind the “underpants bomb” attack on a trans-Atlantic flight 14 months ago, sources said".

Comment: Nowhere in the news report could I actually find any act of terrorism. I think he is more of a Walter Mitty character. It is more tragic than dangerous. And I am more worried by Thought Crime being put on trial. There is more to this than the Twitter Joke Trial, but not much more. It would be a shame if an excessive sentence was passed because it would be imposed on the basis of what might have been than what really happened.

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