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Monday, June 28, 2010

Afua Hirsch is no dumb blonde, but she is still as stupid!

Afua Hirsch is no dumb blonde, but she is still as stupid!

The Council of Europe is obscure but powerful

Its influence is increasingly obvious, but what it will take to address the organisation's inconspicuousness is more unclear

Basically Afua Hirsch is claiming that the Council of Europe is very powerful and has a great impact upon the UK, and yet the general public is very ignorant of this institution.

Duh! Well, darling, have you not thought about the effect that dumb statements from the media and politicians will have upon the general public?

Or, the fact that the government has so far failed to make a statement about the meeting on 2 June between the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe and the UK? When the media asked the government to enlighten them, the MoJ refused to comment other than to state that the media would be informed when the government knows what it is doing! The media should have asked "Why don't you know what you are doing?". The government was given 3 months to resolve the issue of prisoners votes. Almost 1 month later and still not a peep out of the government! On the otherhand, a Kenyan court ruled prisoners must have the vote on 23 June, and on 26 June the electoral commission announced it would register prisoners to vote.

Afuah Hirsch needs to be asking the right questions from the right people to get the right answers. Instead, she says to the people "You're stupid, me too!".

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