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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Woof justice for Thieves Parliament?

Woof justice for Thieves Parliament?

MPs’ expenses: MPs complain of being ‘thrown to the dogs’

MPs have complained that they are being ‘thrown to the dogs’ after being forced to abide by a strict new expenses regime.

MPs are unhappy about changes to the expenses system Photo: PA

"One veteran Labour backbencher, Ann Clwyd, said she would not have sought re-election to Parliament had she known the “hassle” she would be forced to undergo to claim allowances under the system introduced last month".

Boo hoo! Perhaps, Ann Clwyd should resign? I don't get allowances, I have to manage on £55pw Job Seekers Allowance. If she thinks what is happening to MPs is "hassle", perhaps, she should try life on the dole and feel real hassle from the government and DWP as we try to claim enough money to get above the poverty line?

"Other MPs branded the regime a “nightmare” and “indefensible,” and some demanded that they be given a credit card rather than submit receipts before being reimbursed for their expenses".

So, MPs are claiming that being held to account by the public is a nightmare? They want the dreamlife back when they were able to fiddle their expenses and not justify why they were stealing from the public purse? It beggars belief that MPs are claiming that it is indefensible of the public to hold them to account. More reason to make the system more transparent. I think it is disgusting that these thieves want a credit card to enable them to run up expenses at the taxpayers expense instead of having to submit receipts to claim back for their expenses!

"Sir John Stanley, a Conservative backbencher, suggested that the rules could be in breach of “parliamentary privilege,” because, he claimed, MPs were being obstructed in the course of their duties by having to spend time dealing with bureaucracy".

This thieving bastard is claiming that he believes that it is a parliamentary privilege, that is, a perk of the job, to fiddle expenses and rip off the public by dipping into the public purse. And, that the public are wrong once they have been caught out to want to monitor their conduct. Instead of being able to lounge about in the bar drinking the taxpayers money away, they now have to spend the time justifying how much they have spent and why they needed the money.

"An emergency debate was held in Westminster Hall, the Commons’ second chamber to discuss the poor relations between Ipsa and MPs".

So, the thieving bastards can call an emergency debate to winge about their fiddles being curtailed to some extent, and yet not debate the issue of whether convicted prisoners should have the vote? It is questionable whether these thieving bastards have been legitimately elected to Parliament given that the general election was unlawful under the Convention.

These thieving bastards who are paid very good money, 3 x the national average salary, cannot normally be bothered to debate serious issues, like democracy for honest convicted prisoners, and yet they can put themselves out to debate how they can get the old system back where they did not have to justify flipping second homes and claiming £70,000 for mortgages which did not exist.

"Bob Russell, a Liberal Democrat, claimed that Ipsa undermined the “whole operation of parliament” and was even a threat to democracy".

It is a threat to democracy for the electorate to hold thieving bastard MPs to account is it? Parliament will collapse unless MPs are allowed to contnue ripping off the public which they have been doing for well over a 100 years?

"Ipsa announced series of measures designed to placate MPs, including an extension to the deadline for repay the £4,000 advances which it agreed to give Members for upfront costs".

I am disgusted that MPs were given £4,000 because they were crying about being caught with their hands in the till, and that they threatened to cry some more unless given a bribe from the public purse to silence them!

Where is Guy Fawkes just when you need him?

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Charles Cowling said...

Dead, mate.

As a fellow skint blogger with a cause (okay yours is bigger than mine) I feel your rage.