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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Applying the Hirst test to the MoJ

Applying the Hirst test to the MoJ

What we do

The role of the Ministry of Justice

Our responsibilities

Our broad areas of responsibility in alphabetical order. Each area includes contact details, links to related sites, services, publications, reports and speeches.

Protecting the public

We manage offenders from the point at which they are charged to the end of their sentence, providing supervision and support as they are reintegrated into society.

Pathways to justice

The justice system is an important public service. We are all likely to come into contact with it at some point in our lives, because we have been a witness or victim of crime, to protect and enforce our rights or to settle disputes.

Democracy and constitution

The way our country is governed reflects our society and its values. Democratic principles run through all areas of our lives, guaranteeing our rights and freedoms and giving every citizen say in decision-making and elections.

Comment: Just popping off to read the links above before I comment any further.

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