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Monday, June 28, 2010

Pope demands let sex abuse of kids contnue!

Pope demands let sex abuse of kids contnue!

Belgium Church abuse commission head quits over raids

The head of the Belgian Church-backed commission investigating cases of clerical sexual abuse has resigned.

Peter Adriaenssens said he was quitting and that the commission "had been used as bait", according to reports in the Belgian press.

After meeting on Monday, members of the commission have said they will step down on Thursday, Belgian reports say.

The commission's case files were seized by police in last week's raids on Catholic Church offices.

Mr Adriaenssens's computer was also taken.

He expressed concern at what could have motivated the authorities.

Could protecting kids from dirty old Catholic priests have motivated them and the cover up of abuse?


Anonymous said...

Corrupt bastards is all they are!!!!

Barnacle Bill said...

Great minds think alike, eh John?