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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Hague/Myers affair may be over but questions remain unanswered

Hague/Myers affair may be over but questions remain unanswered

The telegraph reports: "William Hague's special advisor resigns over 'untrue' allegations

William Hague's special adviser Christopher Myers has resigned because of "untrue and malicious" allegations made against him, the Foreign Secretary said today

It used to be the case that someone resigned when the accusations being made proved to be true. And, it used to be the case that if alleged untruthful statements were published then those being allegedly maligned would threaten to sue the publisher. Instead, William Hague threatened the Mainstream Media not to republish the rumours circulating on the internet. This was an unusual response, to say the least. Personally I don't like threats, they get my back up. I rise to the challenge and meet it head on.

The main allegation against William Hague was that he inappropriately appointed the 25 year old Chris Myers as a Special Adviser to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. This appointment was clearly in breach of the Ministerial Code. So, this allegation is true and in no way false. William Hague abused his position in power to favour someone he has admitted to "occasionally" sleeping with in the same bed, during the election campaign. We do not know on how many occasions this arrangement occured. It is being denied that Hague and Myers were engaged in a homosexual relationship. This is not a crime. It has not been cleared up why Hague rewarded Myers with a job.

I have read the statement issued by Hague, and it fails to answer some remaining questions. It reads like a damage limitation exercise and also a plea for the sympathy vote.


Anonymous said...

I think he admitted to sharing a room with twin beds, that is, two singles. At no time did he say that he shared a bed.

Anonymous said...

It astonishes me that no-one seems to be looking into former "friends" of our Willie - check out 1995/97 ...

jailhouselawyer said...

I have wondered if there should be more digging into his past...