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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Hague/Myers row as SpAd not on Number Ten list of approved SpAds

Hague/Myers row as SpAd not on Number Ten list of approved SpAds

"It emerged today that Downing Street failed to include the aide at the centre of the row over Hague's private life in an official list of special advisers published in June. It raises questions about whether Christopher Myers's appointment was official and whether the list, designed to demonstrate how the coalition was cutting back on political appointments, was complete.

Hague's office confirmed the appointment of Myers, who quit yesterday citing the pressure of speculation surrounding his relationship with the foreign secretary, was approved on 24 May. The official list naming all so-called "Spads" and their wage brackets did not include Myers when it was revealed on 10 June. The Cabinet Office said Myers was not included because he had not taken up the post by 10 June despite the appointment being confirmed

"Ministerial Code

3.2 With the exception of the Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers may each appoint up to two special advisers (paid or unpaid). The Prime Minister may also authorise the appointment of one or two special advisers by Ministers who regularly attend Cabinet. All appointments, including exceptions to this rule, require the prior written approval of the Prime Minister, and no committments to make such appointments should be entered into in the absence of such approval. All special advisers will be appointed under terms and conditions set out in the Model Contract for Special Advisers and the Code of Conduct for Special Advisers".

Did Hague breach the Ministerial Code, or did Cameron authorise what he is now claiming was Hague's misjudgement?


The New York Times reports: In Denying a Sex Scandal, a British Minister Focuses Attention on the Issue


Anonymous said...

Never mind the ministerial code. What about the bedroom arrangements. Oooh.

Why can't he be out and proud like you? Stupidly, I hadn't realised that you were homosexual. Of course, that's your business, but it's great we all know now. I think you and Charles make a lovely couple.

Charles Cowling said...

@Anon - You are clearly a twat.