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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

William Hague's big lie exposed

William Hague's big lie exposed

Yesterday on Twitter I read this from William Hague "What was said about me was a big lie which I hope has been nailed". Far from it old son, unless we are talking about the nail in your coffin. The media focus has been largely on whether William Hague is gay and whether he was in a sexual relationship with Chris Myers. William Hague's critics accuse him of misjudgement. His supporters, and indeed William Hague himself, have failed to address this issue...

William Hague's big lie exposed.

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Anonymous said...

You focussed on whether Hague was gay as well. In fact you were quite childishly salacious about it. Don't try to claim the moral highground now. Anyway, does anyone apart from me and the slavishly devoted Charles ever listen to you? Seems like Guido gets all the hits. Shucks!