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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Maverick Meerkats calendar 2011

Maverick Meerkats calendar 2011

From the people behind the best-selling calendars Guinea Pig Games, Guinea Pig Olympics and Ferrets Go Fishing comes the latest cute animal wall calendar: Maverick Meerkats 2011. The calendar follows a pair of meerkats as they take part in some really extreme sports. Whether skydiving, skateboarding or jet skiing, these little animals are not afraid of a little danger and each month brings a new rad activity for them to try. The calendar is perfect for extreme sports and meerkat lovers alike, and will bring a smile every month. Maverick Meerkats 2011 costs from £9.99 and can be ordered online at
January 2011: the meerkats go skateboarding Picture:
February 2011: The daredevil meerkats go tandem sky-diving. Picture:
November 2011: Winter is here and the local canal has frozen over. Perfect for a bit of ice-skating
December 2011: The meerkats take to the slopes for a skiing holiday. Picture:

Source: See the other photos here.

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