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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jack Straw and the Guardian guilty of human rights abuse

Jack Straw and the Guardian guilty of human rights abuse

It angers me when I read the following headline and sub headline and see that the article has been written by Jack Straw in the Guardian.

Let's bring human rights home

After a decade the act has become embedded in British law – but it's still not part of our national identity

As Foreign Secretary under the Labour administration, Jack Straw authorised the CIA torture flights to take off and land on British soil. As Minister of Justice Jack Straw denied convicted prisoners their human right to the vote. Given that such conduct is illegal under British law, and was carried out by a Minister of State is it any wonder that human rights are still not part of our national identity? Not only should Jack Straw hang his head in shame, but also should Alan Rusbridger the editor of the Guardian for giving such a bad person a public platform.


Matt said...

While I agree with both of your comments on Jack Straw, I don't agree he shouldn't have a public platform.

Regardless of his record in government, he should have the right to free speech, the same as the rest of society. Refusing a platform to 'bad men' will mean that only a select group of moralised puritans would ever get to speak. That cannot be healthy for democracy.

jailhouselawyer said...

Matt: I am not saying he cannot have the right to free speech, only it should not be in the Guardian. The paper needs to examine whether it is in support of human rights or against them. It cannot sit on the fence, nor should it give the veneer of respectability to somone who should face trial at the Hague.