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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Thief's hand 'cut off in front of prisoners'

Thief's hand 'cut off in front of prisoners'

Authorities in Iran have amputated the hand of a convicted thief in front of other prisoners, state radio is reporting.

The report did not identify the 32-year-old convict, whose hand was reportedly cut off in the central city of Yazad, or provide details of his crime.

Iran's judiciary uses a strict interpretation of Islamic law in handing down such sentences. Cutting off the hands of thieves has been rare in the past, but today's amputation was the second this month.

A week ago, a judge ordered the same punishment for a man who stole from a sweet shop.

Critics say amputations, public executions and floggings hurt Iran's image and reflect badly on Islam.

A death-by-stoning sentence for a woman convicted of adultery has also sparked an international outcry.

Comment: Fucking savages!

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