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Friday, November 26, 2010

Bear necessities, Mother Nature’s recipes, come to wolf

Bear necessities, Mother Nature’s recipes, come to wolf

A wolf is pictured grabbing a salmon from icy waters in Alaska after using the same technique as a grizzly bear metres away.

The photograph was taken by Paul Stinsa, a wildlife photographer from Chicago, on an expedition to Katmai National Park. He and a group of wildlife enthusiasts were watching two bears fishing at Brook Falls, but members of the party soon drifted off.

Mr Stinsa said: “Nothing was happening at the falls, and some of the viewers left the platform to head back to camp. This would prove to be a mistake, as the wolf soon came trotting down the riverbank and into the water.

“I stood on the platform, scrambling to set the camera properly to photograph a dark moving subject against a black background on an overcast day. As the wolf neared the base of the falls, it dived headfirst into the pool. In a flurry of splashing water, it pulled its head out of the river with a salmon, desperately flopping, clamped in its jaws.”

Source: The Times (£)

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