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Friday, November 05, 2010

Prisoners votes: It's a bit late for the debate

Prisoners votes: It's a bit late for the debate

Senior Conservative calls for prison vote debate

"A senior Conservative MP has called on the government to challenge the ruling from the Court of European Rights that prisoners must be given the vote.

David Davis said parliament should get the chance to reject the decision and take on the court.

Prime Minister David Cameron said he had had no choice but to lift the ban because of the £160m cost of disputing the ruling.

But Mr Davis said the decision was none of the European Court's business".

Er? Didn't Labour mount such challenges both lawful and unlawful? And, Europe won and the UK lost. Given that the UK signed up to the Convention and individual petition, and to abide by the Convention and Court decisions it is odd that David Davis should claim that the UK's atrocious human rights record is none of the Court's business.

If the BBC decides to do a new series of Dad's Army, perhaps the buffoonish David Davis should be cast as Captain Mainwaring?

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