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Friday, November 26, 2010

Media turn Frances Lawrence into a circus performer

Media turn Frances Lawrence into a circus performer

Learco Chindamo

In 1995 Learco Chindamo stabbed headteacher Philip Lawrence to death when he came to the aid of a pupil at the school gates. He was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder and ordered to serve a minimum of 14 years, the tariff for retribution and deterrence, before being released by the Parole Board. Unfortunately for Mr Chindamo his is a high profile case, and now it appears that he has got himself into a spot of bother. The media then approach Philip Lawrence's widow for her reaction to the news, and no surprise that the angry, bitter and twisted woman spits out her venom like the poisonous snake that she is. You can read the bile that she came out with here. If I was to hazard a guess, I suspect that rather than robbing someone at a cashpoint Mr Chindamo merely marched a debtor to collect money to pay a debt...

The Black Widow Spider: Frances Lawrence. The bitch is back looking like she's a witch wearing a halloween mask!

The Daily Malice reports: "Widow Frances Lawrence has had to endure not just the horror of headmaster Philip Lawrence’s death, but distress at the early release of his killer.

Her nightmare was compounded by the fact the foreign-born ­criminal could not be deported because of his ‘human rights’".

The stupid twunt needs to get it into her head that Learco Chindamo was not released early at all, but was released on time, as it should be, having paid his debt to society for his crime. It is sickening that this woman, who bemoans the loss of her husband's human rights, is hypocritical by wishing that his killer should be deprived of his human rights!

"Mrs Lawrence revealed that she had desperately tried to find out where Chindamo was living after his release.

Her motivation was simply to protect her family by ensuring her children would never have contact with him".

Why doesn't she let the man rest in peace? She is as cranky as James Bulger's mother.

"But the widow says she has been ­continually snubbed by the authorities and made by the Government to feel a ‘persona non grata’".

I am equally dismissive of her. Legally, her role in the affair ends when Chindamo was sent to prison. Her obsession is akin to stalking.

"Mrs Lawrence said she had been trying for months to speak to a ­justice minister but was brushed off and told it was not policy to tell victims of the movements of criminals".

Join the club! I have been wanting them to speak to me for years about the Prisoners Votes Case. Under Labour they didn't for fear of what The Sun and Daily Mail might say! The Coalition won't because they claim I ridcule them on my blog! Live with it!

"David Cameron said in 2007 that ­Chindamo’s case demonstrated that Labour’s Human Rights Act was ‘rotten to the core’ and vowed to scrap it. But, to the anger of many Tory MPs, the Prime Minister’s pledge has been shelved thanks to fierce opposition from the Liberal Democrats".

David Cameron shoves so much coke up his nose he can only talk out of his arse! The HRA does have its faults, that is, it needs strengthening to further protect prisoners who (until they get the vote) are the most vulnerable group in society.

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