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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Foreign convicts warned of Lincoln Prison 'execution yard' after translation error

Foreign convicts warned of Lincoln Prison 'execution yard' after translation error

A prison exercise area was described as an ''execution yard'' in a handbook for Russian inmates, it has been disclosed.

1:38PM GMT 17 Nov 2010

The translation error in the information booklet for Russian-speaking prisoners at Lincoln Prison was highlighted by inspectors following an unannounced visit in May.

Inspectors suggested checking the accuracy of any translations in the future.

The report, published by the Chief Inspector of Prisons, Nick Hardwick, said: ''Staff were concerned that some translations were not entirely accurate, one example being a Russian handbook which had translated 'exercise yard' as 'execution yard'.''

It added that, in future, ''the accuracy of translated material should be verified''.

No other examples of translation errors were given, and the inspectors found both local and national prisoner information books were available in reception and in the first night centre ''in a range of appropriate languages''.

The troubled Victorian prison, which was the scene of a serious riot in 2002, was making ''slow progress'' and was in a poor physical condition, the inspectors said.

The external environment was dirty, cells contained a large amount of graffiti and the segregation unit was dirty and unbearably hot in summer.

Two prisoners shared cells designed for one and some lavatories were unscreened.

But Mr Hardwick said: ''HMP Lincoln has had a troubled past, but by the time of its last inspection in 2008, the prison had returned to normality and was making progress although plenty of scope for improvement remained.

''This follow-up inspection shows that progress continues to be made – but too slowly.''

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James Higham said...

There are some amusing translation errors from Russian. Guv'nor, for example, means that which comes from your arse.