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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Human Rights Defender coming under pressure

Human Rights Defender coming under pressure

Following on from this post, I received the following letter by snail mail.

I am considering my response, and will publish it later...


Barnacle Bill said...

If I were you John I would attend but take a "friend" with you.
Also maybe get them wired up?

Anonymous said...

Fantastic people probation aren't they? If it wasn't for the spliffter, you'd be in and out of their office in 2 mins with just one question, which would be:

" Hello, how are you? is everything OK"? You say yes and it's, " Fine, we'll see you next week." What a load of bollocks those people are!!!!!

murat fan said...

Oh dear John

R.N. Quayle said...

Mr. Hurst.

Conceal about your person
a digital recorder.