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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Give that woman a coconut

Give that woman a coconut

Priti Patel, Tory MP for Witham

The racist and xenophobic Priti Patel, who is a MP for the same old racist and xenophobic Nasty Tory Party, has given a story to the racist and xenophobic Daily Mail. The shameless publicity seeker claims to be a mind reader, in that she has set out deliberately to outrage the public by feeding them false stories about prisoners. Already she is saying that the public will be outraged. "The public will be outraged to see their hard-earned taxes funding degrees for prisoners".

I do seem to recall that the public were actually outraged to discover that their hard-earned taxes were going into MPs pockets as they fiddled their expenses unchecked.

The article is headlined "Crime does pay if you want to take OU course". Perhaps, a better example of crime paying is the Tory MP who fiddled £180,000? Eleanor Laing, the shadow justice minister who paid back £25,000 in expenses, has survived an attempt to have her deselected as a Tory candidate at the next election.

Ever since the Open University started back in the 1960s and prisoners were allowed to take degree courses, the courses have generally been publicly funded. So, I am somewhat bewildered by this statement from the Daily Mail "Taxpayer cash is being used to fund degree courses for prisoners, it has emerged". News that has been around for so long has only just emerged? Perhaps, what has emerged is that Priti Patel is shit stirring.

Previously, I have written about Priti Patel's attempt to be more white than the whites, and more British than the British. It makes me physically ill that she should pick on the vulnerable group with the social status of prisoners, because she is aware that they have no voice in Parliament being denied their human right to the vote.

Apparently, it would be racist to call Priti Patel a coconut, therefore, as a consolation prize, for not being as smart as she things she is, I will award her a coconut!

Photoshop: "She's got a lovely bunch of coconuts" Hat-Tip to Prisoners Families Voices

1 comment:

Barnacle Bill said...

She's not a coconut, a fecking nutter more likely!
I suppose next she'll be telling us horror stories of people on benefits being given discount rates at night classes.
Or even worse old biddies traveling for nowt on the buses!
She should be impressed that prisoners are actually trying to better themselves by taking these OU courses.