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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Help Prisoner Ben

Help Prisoner Ben

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Prison Blogger Begins Hunger Strike"

Yes, it's true. Up until now I thought Cardiff were being helpful, but yesterday I visited Ben and he told me what was going on. I allowed 24 hours for them to improve matters, but a phone call from Ben today confirms that nothing has changed. This is the situation: he is still wearing the clothes he was transferred in last Wednesday because they have refused to give him his possessions, he is sharing a cell with random remand prisoners (unheard of for a Cat D Lifer), he is not allowed his word processor, he has not been told why he is there and why Prescoed did not accept him, and he has not received any post. On Monday he happily watched his possessions being loaded onto a Group 4 van for a transfer to Ley Hill (another Open prison) only to be sent back to the wing and told that actually he was not going there after all.

A letter received today says this: "Things took a sinister turn for the worst today. Having first tried to tell me that the closed visit was cancelled by you, a screw said that the Gov had stopped it because I'd use it to tell you stuff for the blog. I was then threatened with a punch in the mouth for my less than joyous attitude. It was pointed out that, with my cell mate leaving in the morning, I would be in the cell alone. I need you to blog this ASAP in the hope that it may protect me against 'accidents' or staff cornering me in my cell and claiming I assaulted them".

Make of that what you will. Here is the rest of the story that has been sent out this evening:

“Ben Gunn, author of Ben’s prison blog, has been forced to adopt a hunger strike in an effort to save his PhD research.
Having left HMP Shepton Mallet on a transfer to open prison prior to release last Wednesday, 2nd March, Ben unaccountably finds himself dumped at Cardiff local prison.

Being denied access to either his research notes or his word-processor, Ben fears that his attempts to complete his PhD are at an end. The fees for his studies were donated by readers of his blog and the Guardian.

In a desperate effort, Ben has begun to starve himself. His only demand is that he is allowed to continue the research that is so important to his future and rehabilitation.”

Blog Ed.

Comment: Have reported the crime of threat of violence to Cardiff police. Ref No. 2110079290 Call Cardiff Police 01656 655 555 and ask what is happening with the investigation

Telephone Cardiff Prison Tel: 02920 923100 to complain.

Help Cardiff Police ‘One-punch’ crime prevention campaign by ensuring Ben does not become a victim!


Jules said...

Thank-you for the useful information jhl.

Anonymous said...

What about Ian Mulholland, head of NOMS Wales?

Megegg said...

Thank you John, those Tel.Nos. you posted yesterday was a great start.

I have also shared Michael Spurr's email address everywhere I can. Am sure you know it but for others it is

Amazing that the Government tell the rest of the world about human rights abuses yet ignore those under their noses. Ben not royal enough I suppose